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When to Press The ESC Key on Your Life

Looking for ways to escape negative patterns and improve your life? Read my article on to learn some tried and true techniques that I experienced first hand in my journey back to health. I hope through my stories you too will understand what it truly means to love yourself and put yourself first. Hope […]


GMA Announces Body Proud Series

Bravo to Good Morning America (GMA) for creating its “‘GMA’ Body Proud” series featuring real conversations about body image with women of all ages featuring Body Activist Ashley Graham! You may know that Graham made history last year as the first so-called curvy model to have an ad in the iconic Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. […]


Words to Live By

I recently saw famed Eat, Pray, Love Author Elizabeth (Liz) Gilbert speak on her latest book, Big Magic which is all about being creative beyond fear. She shared so many pearls of wisdom that day that really resonated with me. Two of which I wrote down so I could share them with you. You see, […]