About Susan

"Happiness waxes and wanes, but peace under pressure —
now that’s worth pursuing." —Susan Kricun

Self Love Activist

Susan Kricun is more than just an advocate of self love, she’s a self love activist. A coach, a writer, a teacher, a speaker…a doer. Susan lives a motto of “peace under pressure” and is inspiring others to do the same. Believing that we are all perfectly imperfect people, Susan encourages individuals to see the beauty in imperfection and seek out peace, even in the most unsettling times…because some of the best things happen from some of the worst experiences.

For nearly 20 years, Susan has forged a successful career centered around telling other people’s stories. As a publicist and event planner with clients in the sports, entertainment, hospitality and lifestyle industries, Susan is tapped to help businesses and brands share their story with new audiences. Today, she is letting people in on her story… sharing with others how her journey has led her to trade in the pursuit of happiness for the pursuit of peace. Unconventionally inspiring, Susan draws from her own personal struggles and the tools that helped her navigate her path to peace, reminding others that the human experience is about being able to get through the rough times.

Her story includes real and relatable challenges – relationship struggles, life-changing health issues, career hardships, family difficulties, etc. – and she shares these stories with others to give hope, inspiration and shed light on the importance of self love.

Susan has a keen sense for tapping into her instincts as well as others, using intuition as her guide on a daily basis. She strives for personal awareness, self love and authenticity and reminds herself daily to trust that life unfolds exactly as it’s meant to.

Susan has been a storyteller for nearly two decades. Her unique self-development tools coupled with her experience as a teacher, professional communicator and spokesperson culminate in lectures and workshops that give way to powerful transformation. Susan is unconventionally inspiring and engaging. She leads audiences to trade happiness for peace. “The eternal chase for bliss is not real,” she says. “The human experience is about being able to get through the rough times.”

Susan served as Vice President of Communications for the Phoenix Coyotes and as a spokesperson for America West Arena (now Talking Stick Resort Arena – home of the Phoenix Suns). She handled media relations at SRO Communications for some of Arizona’s most prominent sports franchises including Phoenix Suns and Phoenix Suns Charities, Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Rattlers, Phoenix Coyotes and Phoenix Mercury. A successful entrepreneur, Susan has not only built a name for herself as a public relations professional and event planner for nearly 20 years, she’s also built and established her successful boutique communications firm, Kricun Media.

She is a graduate and an adjunct faculty member of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University. In 2004, Susan earned her ICF (International Coach Federation) business and life coach certification from the Professional Coaching Institute.

Drawing from personal stories and the incredible lessons she’s gleaned from a life journey, Susan shares thoughts, experiences and inspiring in published web and print articles, her blog, Life Illuminated. “We teach the things we need to learn the most,” says Susan. “I hope to help others experience change, hope and self love through everything I write.”

Susan is also in production on her first book, which details her journey to understanding what it means to truly love yourself. Susan says, “It is a raw, real and candid memoir about my life-changing illness and journey back to health.” She offers insights, advice and tips so that anyone suffering can try what has worked for her.

Susan is leading what she calls a “Self Love Revolution” to advocate self love. The foundation for self love begins with information, tools and resources to gain a better understanding of your self worth. Here’s a peek into the heart of the “Revolution”:

Perfect Sucks: “The unhealthy messages we receive from our media may never change, but we can. If you’re burned out, have low energy, or fight negative self-talk, then you’re living in the word where perfect sucks.”

There’s Beauty in Imperfection: “We are all perfectly imperfect people. Some of the best things happen from some of the worse experiences. Learn to love the possibilities. Happiness waxes and wanes, but peace under pressure – now that’s worth pursuing.”

Life Illuminated: “Life is fantastic when you understand your self worth. At the end of the day you’re only left with you, so you better learn to love yourself.”

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